About us

Theatermakeup.de has been at the service of "make-up artists" since 1999. To the private customer and also to the professional we offer:

MakeUp like in Hollywood. From beauty to special effect

Theatrical makeup and body paint in the OnlineShop for professionals. Airbrush stencils & technique, body painting colors, camouflage makeup from Kryolan, concealer pencils, mastic, airbrush complete sets and much more in fast shipping. Special store for make-up artists, make-up artists and private customers with professional requirements.

Back then, 1992 in the living room

There were also times without Theatermakeup.de. We had just made our first experiences with borrowed body painting colors in our living room, when the first potential customers got their hands on pictures of this session and actually gave us the first order for a body painting. 

We were able to gain our first experience with airbrushing on cars and bring home a trophy or two from various events. But the possibilities of using body paint to transform faces and even complete bodies into independent fantasy beings was simply fascinating and somehow unattainable.

Many hundreds of events later, we had finally gained the experience that made our dreams come true in 1996 as Jannys ART Bodypaintingcrew.
Bodypainting & Airbrush Tattoos were on the daily program. The constantly growing customer base let the artist team grow soon in such a way that an own material supply with the hard to find professional body paints became necessary.
Theatermakeup.de was spun off as an independent company.

The Bodypaintingcrew.com is still today in the service of body painting illusions for clients from all over the world. In 2002 we reached the 1st place at the World Bodypainting Contest in the category "Special Effects" ahead of Australia and Switzerland.

Together with our partner network, we support many international theater and film productions. Product coaching and training from the basic course to professional makeup are now our daily business.

Since 2009, we have been able to put our combined experience into product development with our Senjo Color brand, which stands not only for safety and skin compatibility, but also for ease of use for painters and models/performers.

This range is supplemented by products from other, world-leading manufacturers and their brands. For example, we are an authorized Kryolan Premium dealer, Temptu Airbrush HD-Make UP DEALER, and partner of Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush.

We look forward to all new challenges!

Who are we?

    Manja - She joined us as a bodypainting model and now manages stock and production.
Janny - Bodypainter and administrator of our invoices and tax books.
Enrico - Bodypainter, color tester, make-up artist workshop.
Peter - color tester, product thinker, marketing person and owner.

Who are our customers?

Theaters, film productions, photo studios, schools, makeup artists, makeup artists, body painters, face painters, makeup artists, hairdressers, private clients...

What do we do? 

Body paints and technology. Development, production, training, sales.

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