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Airbrushing is a great way to cover larger areas cleanly and evenly with paint, or to paint fine details. Applications range from cars to body painting, illustrations and model making.

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Airbrushing is a great way to cover larger areas cleanly and evenly with paint. This can be your own body, but also cardboard, canvases or walls. Professional artists and hobby painters use the technique as well as theater people. By the way, the term airbrush is used to describe both the art style and the airbrush gun, the technique and the resulting work.

Airbrush guns for all applications from Harder & Steenbeck, Iwata and other manufacturers

We offer airbrushes of various manufacturers and brands. For every application the right device. From our practice, we have been able to test all devices ourselves and know the respective strengths and weaknesses. You can find the description in the respective category.

Airbrush compressor and matching airbrush accessories

The liquid paint is sprayed so finely that it dries as soon as it hits the substrate. There are paints that contain larger pigments and others with very fine pigments. Accordingly, it is important to choose the right nozzle. Furthermore, you need an airbrush compressor, preferably a model that is quiet and equipped with a pressure tank. Even beginners will do well with this.

With a complete airbrush set you order all the right parts together. Airbrush accessories such as cleaners, cleaning brushes and paint cups are also available from us. The brush can also be used to apply glossy paint, because it is worked wet. However, dripping noses occur easily if too much paint is used. With the airbrush gun, the paint is sprayed so finely that this material and the substrate remain dry. However, this does not create a gloss and you have to spray additional varnish if you want to achieve a glossy effect.

You can otherwise use almost any type of paint, whether watercolor or oil paint. Depending on the thickness, you should dilute the paint beforehand. The nozzle strength depends on the pigmentation of the paint. If you use airbrush often, you should have several models ready. An airbrush set usually contains different sized nozzles.

Airbrush for beginners and advanced

The airbrush technique is wonderful if you have ordered our latex parts, for example. They adhere directly to the skin. If you spray them evenly beforehand or, even more effectively, include the latex parts in the spraying, the whole thing looks even more real and you can slip into your role like a pro. Our latex products transform you in the blink of an eye into an elf, a cyborg or a lizard, for example. You'll need paint to get that deceptively similar body effect, so there's nothing easier than airbrushing it on evenly. For beginners, the easy handling of airbrush compressor and airbrush accessories is especially important, but also advanced users will benefit from our sets. That's why we are happy to advise you on this, if you are not sure. You can call us or send us an email; of course also for other questions.

Airbrush for Bodypainting- Facepainting - MakeUp - Modeling etc.

Here you will find a good selection of professional airbrush guns from different manufacturers for different applications. Whether hobbyist or professional, the right airbrush should be selected for the right purpose.

You have questions about the selection? We will be happy to advise you.