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Makeup artist colors and effects

We still have many special products, we make on request, or get. For example, many other types of film blood in all possible shades and eye blood.
One of the most versatile professions is probably the profession of makeup artist. He should know about beauty makeup, character makeup and special effects. He must be able to move in different eras and with all the materials he needs for this work.
Here you will find a selection of products from makeup, empty bottles, latex parts, etc. to special effects.

Appealing materials enchant and make up

Not only children love to dress up, put on make-up or funny masks. Also in theater and acting, make-up artistry is a way to achieve great effects. All products of the category make-up artistry can be used on the one hand for professional work on the set. On the other hand, the annual carnival also offers a welcome opportunity to humorously make up and create a costume with the help of makeup artists. With us you will find all the equipment for the perfect enchantments.

Variety lures with surprising makeup artistry

Almost everyone is familiar with false teeth. These are now available in very different designs and variants. Some are colorful and can even glow in the dark. With them, you are welcome at any party and can have fun or create exciting effects in the theater.

Accident portrayal in the makeup shop

To create scary masquerades for Halloween, or to make up injuries for film and TV, you need proven products from the field. Also for the training of paramedics and police officers realistic looking material is needed, which we can offer here, partly from our own production.

Discover makeup artist supplies for hobby and profession

In our offer you will find diverse top sellers, with which you can optimally enhance your make-up art. Face and body painting colors from Senjo-Color are suitable for applying color. This is of course dermatologically tested and can later be easily dissolved again with water. We also offer products from Foothills Ltd. With these creepy teeth you will convince at every occasion. But also articles from Kryolan are a real enrichment for your theater work or the time during carnival.

You'll find almost everything here, so take your time to look around and be captivated by the wide range of makeup artistry on offer!

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