Body painting

You are looking for cosmetic body colors without compromise?

Then you've come to the right place. The professional range of body colors is dermatologically tested and much easier to use than, for example, the simple carnival colors. Here you get a selection of effect colors, water and fat make-up, airbrush colors and accessories.

Body painting colors as liquid and cake

It all depends on the right colors. At Face- and Bodypainting the motifs are applied to the skin with a brush and/or airbrush. Classically, one uses solid colors from the can for sponge and brush, or liquid colors for airbrush application.

Body painting: whole body or face painting?

You have the choice. For lines and small areas you will find body painting pens, for larger works of art cakes and liquids.

With sponge, brush and airbrush you can choose your favorite tools. In cans you get opaque colors for priming with sponge and brush, in bottles, for example, the Senjo BASIC, which can be used with brush and airbrush and is particularly suitable for stencil motifs and fast, large areas.

Team is engaged in body painting since 1992. Because of the growing demand followed already in 1998 the first Bodypainting Online Shop.
In 2009, from all experiences, the bodypainting brand Senjo-Color was born. Made in Berlin Germany and of course according to the European Cosmetic Regulation.

Body Painting Best Sellers